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We are on a mission to make design easy for everyone by using artificial intelligence and data analytics to simplify the creative process – on all levels – for freelancers, marketers, influencers and business owners.

Smarter, Faster & Easier

Design everything you need for your business - with the help of AI. Start creating great content now.

Content Creation Revolutionized!

AI Recommendations

AI recommendations to boost your creativity

Welcome to the future of content creation where design is much more manageable for the designer, one that enables them to achieve bigger creative goals in the shortest time like never before

With Inmagine’s proprietary AI, no designer will have to start designing from a blank canvas, again. Instead, they can expect to gain smarter, faster and easier creative breakthroughs once unimaginable – with a variety of easy-to-use  AI powered tools. 

Innovatively built to deliver accurate, recommended suggestions based on essential criteria as color, font, content and style preferences entered into a brief, our machine learning predictive recommendation engine is able to generate relevant design suggestions – that can be used as the final design on its own, if not as the groundwork for further creative refinement by the designer.

Essentially, this will enable every designer to design smarter, faster and easier in getting the content they need with lesser effort, while boosting their creative potential on a whole new level.

Creativity Re-Inmagined

Simplified Editing Tools

Visual Search Precision

Automatic Content Generation

Since its establishment in 2018, our artificial intelligence (AI) engine has been driving advancements in design by providing smarter, faster, and easier solutions for all users. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, our platform utilizes extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and vast amounts of data to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and a seamless user experience to content creators across the globe.

As a comprehensive creative ecosystem, we are prepared to lead the way in the next era of design and innovation driven by AI. Let’s envision a new future for creativity together!