Empowering The Everyday Creator

Inmagine Budding Creatives Initiative

At INMAGINE, we believe that everyone is creative in their own way. We are driven to encourage individuals from all walks of life to express that creativity – by offering innovative yet easy-to-use design tools that’s universally accessible.

We believe that design should be two things: easy and accessible. Children from as young as 8 years old are picking up coding and programming and we want to do the same with design – using Pixlr. There’s so much we can do together to make design easy for the next generation of content creators.

Pixlr’s advanced editing tools have been simplified with the help of AI, enabling anyone to navigate and achieve their design goals easily. This gentle learning curve offers budding creatives the freedom to express their ideas and tell their stories easily. 

If you are an educator who’s interested in positively impacting the way content is created, or simply looking for a smarter, faster and easier program to help your students design, let’s talk.

Make Design Easy For Young Artists

Interested in our Young Pixlr Designer Program? Or do you have other ideas on how we could work together to change the way design is done? Let us know below.