Pixlr Reimagines Creativity with Pixlr 2022

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Pixlr Reimagines Creativity with Pixlr 2022. Pixlr has launched the Pixlr 2022 with new features that will amplify a user's image editing and designing experience onto the next level. According to Pixlr, it has evolved from being just an editing tool to a practical design tool that perfectly fits every user. Symbolising a modern twist to the Pixlr tools, the Pixlr 2022 empowers all users to do more than just photo editing. Users are now able to play with effects, designs, and animations in one place while keeping Pixlr's DNA of reimagining photo editing. This new version includes AI-powered features…

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Lack of Niche Talent?

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Lack of Niche Talent? 'INMAGINE' How to Groom them Internally Through Knowledge Transfer, Mentorship, and More. As a creative company focusing on niche products, finding the right-fit talent poses a key challenge, one that is only intensified when talents lack an eye for detail and critical thinking, shares Stephanie Sitt, Co-Founder and Group CEO of INMAGINE. In this interview, she details: Why finding the right-fit talent is the #1 talent challenge in the sector; The steep learning curve talents face in learning and training, and How as CEO, she is always on the lookout for the right talent, almost to…

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