Inmagine and GliaCloud

Inmagine and GliaCloud to Advance AI-based Video Creation. Inmagine Group and GliaCloud are teaming up to empower creative individuals and businesses around the world to quickly and easily produce high-impact videos using artificial intelligence (AI) and high-quality stock video footage, audio, animation and still images. With the ability to attract and hold audience attention and quickly convey complex ideas, video has become an essential communications tool for bloggers, business communicators and social media aficionados. But video production still requires specialist expertise and access to unique original footage and quality creative commons content. As a result, few content creators have either…

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Pixlr Creator Joins Inmagine Group

Pixlr Creator Joins Inmagine Group to Further Refine and Extend the Popular Image Editing Suite. Hong Kong (January 29, 2018) - Pixlr creator and founder Ola Sevandersson has joined Inmagine Group to spearhead ongoing enhancements to the powerful Pixlr image editing suite. Inmagine acquired Pixlr, one of the world's most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors, last year. In his new role as Pixlr's CEO, Mr. Sevandersson will lead the development and introduction of new features and functions to support the growing Pixlr community. He will be based in Sweden. Mr. Sevandersson began creating Pixlr in 2007, personally writing…

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