Re-Inmagine Creative Processes

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Re-Inmagine Creative Processes. Equipped with a mission to make design easy for everyone, creative company Inmagine looks to use artificial intelligence and data analytics to simplify the creative process. Started as a premium stock image library in 2000, Inmagine has since evolved into a creative ecosystem encompassing various creative assets and business models. Its product range currently includes stock libraries of images, vectors, audio, footage, design elements, templates and editing tools to cater to multiple clientele. In a discussion with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Stephanie Sitt, CEO of Inmagine Group, said AI-assisted content creation is no longer a buzzword. The future is all about empowering everyone…

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How Inmagine is Googlising its Workplace

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How Inmagine is Googlising its Workplace to Foster an Inclusive and Collaborative Work Culture. 'We always seek to spread positivity and make sure that everyone around us in the office is like a pillar to everybody' Google. This global brand comes to our mind when we hear the phrase ‘work culture’ —  and a job here is a dream for many of us. But what makes Google’s work culture unique? The answer is simple: its work culture is synonymous with employee engagement. It actively encourages employees to innovate. What is more, at Google X lab, employees are encouraged to ‘shoot for…

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This Company Makes Content Production Easier with AI

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This Company Makes Content Production Easier with AI: Q&A with CEO Warren Leow. Malaysia-based Inmagine Group, the firm behind, is now launching a new AI-powered online creative platform. When talking about creative design software, Adobe or Canva might be the first two names that come to mind for many designers. However, Malaysia-based Inmagine Group is trying to enter the competition with its in-house software named Founded almost 20 years ago by Andy and Stephanie Sitt, Inmagine Group has been recognized as one of the top players in the stock content market, thanks to its online repository 123RF,…

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