123RF Unveils AI-Driven Image Variation

As part of its continued dedication to digitization and creativity, 123RF has introduced its latest development in AI technology: the AI Image Variation feature. This revolutionary feature is designed to meet the growing demand for diverse and unique images in today’s digital landscape.

With a single click, users can now leverage the AI Image Variation feature to effortlessly generate two distinct AI-created images from a single reference input image. This groundbreaking capability expands the creative potential for users to explore a wider range of creative possibilities by discovering diverse images that perfectly align with their unique image needs.

“We are happy to announce that 123RF now provides an astounding 3 billion variations at your fingertips to open up more creative avenues that can be explored. 123RF firmly believes in fostering creativity for all and this milestone embodies that mission,” said Alex Png, CEO of 123RF. “However, our pursuit doesn’t stop here. Users can anticipate the inclusion of more AI productivity tools that will make design smarter, faster, and easier, increasing creative output for everyone”.

Besides opening up more creative avenues, the AI Image Variation feature also upholds the intellectual property rights of 123RF’s valued Contributor Community. Each time an AI-generated image is licensed, the licensing revenues are shared with the original image’s Contributor. 123RF’s dedication to appropriately acknowledging the sources of images and their contributors underscores its advocacy for creative professionals. This practice is firmly rooted in the company’s mission to foster an environment that harmoniously marries technological progress while upholding ethical AI principles. 

Breaking new ground as the first to introduce an unparalleled licensing model, 123RF provides a facility that allows users to license their generated images for use across all creative projects. In addition to providing the highest resolution of the image, 123RF also includes $25,000 in legal coverage. This provides a robust legal safety net, instilling confidence and peace of mind for content generated by its AI technology.

123RF’s AI Image Variation feature represents a significant step forward in the realm of digital imagery. Its implementation reflects 123RF’s commitment to fostering innovation, respecting intellectual property rights, and streamlining the user experience. Users are encouraged to explore the infinite possibilities that this AI Image Variation feature offers starting today, with even more AI tools coming soon in Q3 2023 as part of 123RF’s future plans.


Founded in 2005, 123RF has grown to be one of the world’s largest royalty-free digital stock agencies. As part of INMAGINE, 123RF has helped millions of users tell their stories by offering millions of creative content spanning imagery, sound, and motion contributed by talents from around the world.



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