How 123RF Uses AI and Data & Analytics on AWS to Enhance Creative Processes. is a stock photography portal and one of the primary brands of INMAGINE, a creative ecosystem that is powered by design, technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data & analytics to simplify the creative processes, they aim to make design smarter, faster and easier for users. It uses Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda for data pipeline processing, and its newer products like Videomaker uses Amazon Polly to create voice overs in more than 10 different languages. Running on services such as Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling and Amazon S3 has also allowed them to serve millions of customers, receive 10 million searches in a typical month, and maintain an uptime of 99.9%. With AWS, they have maintained flexibility in scaling their infrastructure and shortened product development cycles, and are looking to other services to support its machine learning & AI research.

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