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Pixlr Introduces Batch Editor, a New Web Application to Simplify Photo Editing

Pixlr (Pixlr Pte Ltd), a leading developer of photo editing and design tools, today announced the release of Pixlr Batch Editor, a new web application tool to simplify photo editing. This new launch allows photographers, freelance designers, social media users, and the creative community to edit multiple images in one go with the professional grade batch tool from Pixlr.

Users now can add up to 50 images and edit them all at once using a simple one-click interface, speeding up the image editing and creation process while maintaining the same vibrance, temperature, effects and more across all selected images. Pixlr users will no longer have to do tedious one-by-one work with Batch Editor.

Additionally, with this new web application tool, Pixlr users can access the crop, resize, filters, and effects buttons at their fingertips. They can also find a good mix, save it as a macro, and use the same settings the next time. These new features will save a lot of time and make photo editing less tedious and simple for everyone. With Batch Editor, there is no steep learning curve and no design experience needed to produce quick yet professional edits.

Explore Batch Editor by Pixlr today:



Pixlr was introduced in August 2008 to enable everyone to create, edit and share images online with ease. Pixlr is a freemium platform leveraging AI and machine learning to revolutionize content creation. Pixlr is used by nearly 10 million users monthly, with its mobile apps having been downloaded more than 130 million times historically since launch.



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