The Increasing Relevance of AI-Powered Creative Work.

Launched in early 2020, is an integrated artificial intelligence-powered online creative platform under Inmagine. Its mission is to make design smarter, faster, and easier by being the one-stop creative platform for all. uses AI to make logos, videos, mockups and banners in only two minutes. Within its creative suite, there are four main tools: Logomaker, Videomaker, Designmaker, and Mockupmaker. It also has four assistive tools: Graphicmaker, Color Matcher, Font Pairer, and Calendar. uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise the creative process. With its tools, users simply input their data, and wait for the AI engine to generate their content. Following which, they can tweak the work using the intuitive editors. The specifics of AI’s application differ per tool:

  • Videomaker uses computer vision techniques to classify raw images and videos into relevant categories. Then, it mines relevant keywords from an inputted script and matches content to stitch together a finished video.
  • Logomaker uses similar techniques to craft a brand identity and logo from selected preferences and brand information. It then manipulates brand asset templates in accordance with a user’s style guidelines.
  • Designmaker produces thousands of dynamic design layouts for the user to choose from using AI to generate permutations based on guidelines and inputs. AI is also used for auto-resizing designs and for suggesting color and font combinations that will stand out.
  • Mockupmaker uses AI for advanced image-editing. It analyses a user’s uploaded image and seamlessly positions it on their chosen mockup templates is currently headed by its CEO, Warren Leow. Since early this year, the core team has grown to a total of 20 people with operations in Malaysia, Poland, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. In addition, as it is an incubated start-up under Inmagine, it also receives a lot of support from its parent company’s global team. Inmagine currently has over 40 offices with 250 employees worldwide.

“In the coming years, we plan to grow, learn, and continuously improve our products according to consumer feedback. For now, we are working on increasing tool integration and improving AI capabilities across all levels. In terms of new products, we have a few in development. This includes an avatar creator, background remover, and website maker. Our goal is to create an all-in-one creative platform that can cater to every user’s needs,” said Leow, who is also the VP for INMAGINE – partnerships and revenue. We find out more about AI meeting creativity with Leow in this conversation.

This article is done in collaboration with Inmagine Group.

What are some of the challenges of the current creative process that led to the birth of

For creative teams, meeting the growing demand for creative content has become challenging. Some of the problems faced include a lack of inspiration, a lack of time and resources, difficulty in policing brand guidelines, excessive manual work, and more demanding clients. We wanted to help organisations create content smarter, faster, and easier. Thus, from all the lessons and resources we gained across the years, we created will become especially relevant to large firms in the coming years. Many companies today are looking for automated solutions for their inefficient creative workflows. Right now, many of them are still relying on incumbent models like outsourcing content to agencies or hiring large in-house design teams. This leads to potential problems such as high overhead costs, miscommunication, and design and brand inconsistencies. We want to help companies optimise and improve their creative processes by offering efficient artificial-intelligence-powered tools.

How has creativity evolved in today’s world?

Creativity is, at its core, exploring and pushing the boundaries of human imagination. Over the course of human history, this has not changed. The difference is that, now, thanks to developments in technology and data collection, we now have more tools at our disposal. These allow us to scale content creation, and rapidly test and personalise them for bespoke campaigns. In the past, it was one creative for all. Now, we can produce more creative material faster and cheaper to offer personalisation and customisation.

Who are some of your clients? is made for anyone who needs quick, affordable, high-quality designs. Our clients include SMEs, blue-chip companies and agencies that are looking to scale content creation. We plan to target large agencies such as the American Association of Advertising Agencies and WPP; enterprises such as Grab, Amazon, and AirAsia; and professional services firms such as McKinsey & Company and PricewaterhouseCoopers as our large customers.

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