Gazing Into a Future where AI and Creativity Marry

While we know that creativity will remain an intrinsic part of this industry set for growth, Warren Leow, CEO of INMAGINE (interim) says that with more tools and technology developed, both marketers and consumers have the complete freedom to express their creative needs and bring it to life.

Leow said “Creativity knows no boundaries and with merging technology and creativity, INMAGINE is forging a future where design is within reach for everyone.” A goal for the company in 2021 is to make design smarter, faster and easier for everyone using artificial intelligence and data analytics to simplify and speed up the creative process.

While 2020 was seen by the team as the year of groundbreaking news and drastic changes, 2021 is all about nostalgia, calmness, security and empathy. “The creative trends we’re anticipating would be muted color palettes, geometric shapes, optical illusions, flat illustrations, nature inspired designs, utilizing social media carousels more and usage of classic fonts,” Leow added.

Other technology trends are also anticipated to emerge with the rise of new platforms, and content integration tools that incorporate AI and machine learning to help users/creative community/business owners churn out work faster and aid their needs.

This article was done in collaboration with Inmagine Group.

How do you think AI will impact creativity and how is your business readying itself for it?

We are proud to say that INMAGINE is one of the largest creative ecosystems globally with three core products including 123RF, Pixlr and and we are adopting AI helps in many ways, from search to editing to the finishing artwork. It helps speed up the whole process and more focus can be placed on creativity. Better search results, better enhancements and autosuggestions, and better relevance in terms of design and content required to be churned out by the A.I. tools.

With merging technology and creativity, we are forging a future where design is within reach for everyone. That basically means anyone can design their story with tools and creative content that we are offering.

“Our mission is to make design smarter, faster and easier for everyone using artificial intelligence and data analytics to simplify the creative process.”

Given the company has been operating in a competitive space for more than 18 years, tech is not a luxury but a must to enable continuous improvements. We changed our strategy, technology solutions, vendors many times out of necessity to remain relevant for opportunities in the market. Now, we are investing massively into AI.

With Inmagine Brain, no designer will have to start designing from a blank canvas, again. Instead, they can expect to gain smarter, faster and easier creative breakthroughs once unimaginable – with a variety of easy-to-use AI-powered tools.

Inmagine Brain machine learning predictive recommendation engine is built to deliver accurate, recommended suggestions based on essential criteria such as color, font, content and style preferences entered into the brief. It generates relevant design suggestions that can be used as the final design on its own, if not, as the groundwork for further creative refinement by the designer.

How do you think the creative industry can balance between machine-led creative output and human-centric creative output?

AI revolutionises the way we do business today as technology continues to evolve, so will the industries that utilise it. Our strategy across all platforms has always been using forefront technology and 24/7 customer service 365 days a year (first and only within the industry) to assist the users achieve the best experience in the shortest period of time. This does not mean taking away their creative output but merely making it easier and more efficient for them to get the job done.

Can creativity ever be completely machine/AI led?

Creativity can be augmented with AI with many new ideas and inspiration coming at the intersections between art and technology. New formats, new ways to crystalise ideas, new workflows and engagement create new opportunities to tell stories. At the core of creativity is still human ingenuity because it gives it a soul. Hence, we believe A.I. can aid and spark more creativity, but not fully replace creativity.

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